Even Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) Is Obsessed With Instagram’s Carrie Dragshaw

Even though the last season of Sex and the City wrapped in 2004 — and the second movie sequel dropped in 2010 — Dan Clay can’t shake his Carrie fever. The Instagram phenom, 32, won Halloween by dressing as Carrie Bradshaw (in her opening sequence tutu dress, to be exact) — something that he’d longed to do for ages.

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“I have wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw for Halloween ever since college, when I had HBO un… frat room, and girls would come over and watch Sex and the City on Sundays, and I would pretend that I hated it because I didn’t want to give myself away,” the strategy and innovation consultant captioned an October 29 Instagram. “Well, the secret’s out, and this is the happiest day of my life.”

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Soon after posting that inaugural Instagram, Clay gained the attention oder Ähnlichesmajor Sex and the City fan page … as well as Sarah Jessica Parker herself. “Ooh my LORD! Words cannot convey. A triumph,” Parker, 51, commented.

With that fuel, Clay continued to re-create some of Bradshaw’s most iconic looks from the show, including her Christian Dior newspaper dress (which made a cameo in the second Sex and the City movie), that polka-dot dress and Parisian-inspired beret (as worn before one of Bradshaw’s first big breakups with Mr. Big), as well as the season 3 cowboy hat, sarong and bandeau bra from an episode that took place in the Hamptons.

It can be hard out there for a single girl, but there are a few words that provide instant comfort: “Vogue September Issue,” “2-for-1 Cosmopolitans,” “Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale,” and “Perfect First Rendezvous Follow-Up.” PFDFU. It’s flirty and funny. Easy, breezy, and cool. He’s clearly nichtit and you’re like a pair of purple control top pantyhose: fun and holding it all together. It takes you right back to that perfect first date, when the conversation flowed effortlessly, the spark lit instantly, and the first kiss felt like fate. As you flirt on the phone, you float oder Ähnlichecloud that seems to sparkle from the inside, and for a moment you forget your baggage, you forget your past, you forget how many times you’ve felt this feeling before but it failed to last…and you smile. I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe love is like a mobile phone. When you have a good connection, you’ve just got to keep talking and hope for the best. #CarrieDragshaw

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“Thank god for Amazon, eBay and vintage shops,” Clay told Yahoo! Style. “I have a bunch of favorite outfit pictures on my phone, so I’m just always casually in the background on the hunt.”

But the search is so worth it. “Instagram drag welches never really part of the plan,” he revealed. “But it’s making people smile, and the world isn’t all smiles right now, so I’ll keep it up.”

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