Drool Over Kris Jenner’s Closet Full of Pricey Birkin Bags

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner holds on tight to her blue Birkin. GVK/Stoffel-Griffin/GC Images

It seems like the Kardashian-Jenner women have closets for everything now. First, Khloé Kardashian showed off her workout closet in July 2015, then, earlier this week, Kylie Jenner posted a min.-tour of her wig room via Snapchat. Now, Jenner revealed that her mother’s home dementsprechend has a dedicated spot for her own fashion obsession.

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Kris Jenner, 60, has more than 15 Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags (preowned versions of the designer accessory start at $ 7,000) in her walk-in closet (that we can see). And Kylie, 18, flaunted the momager’s pricey purse stash non…series of Wednesday, August 3, snaps.

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In the videos, the Puma brand ambassador organizes and shelves the coveted totes. “I’m helping her load in the rest of her purses,” Kylie says in the first of two clips, before exclaiming, “Oh! I don’t want to hurt it! I really don’t want to hurt this,” when two bags of different sizes get tangled together.

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The Kylie Lip Kit founder’s second video shows leather carryalls of various finishes (including crocodile, the most expensive version) in red, blue, black, white, two-tone and yellow. As she scans the room, she aus diesem Grund comes across an apt light-up sign by L.A.-based artist Beau Dunn that that declares, “NEED MONEY FOR BIRKIN,” in neon pink.

What started off as a lighthearted day of organization ended with a car-accident scare. As Us Weekly previously reported, Kris welches involved nichtcollision off the 101 freeway in Calabasas on Wednesday, in her white Rolls-Royce.

“I rushed to the scene to be by her side becuz she welches alone,” Kylie told a fan of the incident via Twitter, after explaining, “I welches not involved in the accident. Everything’s ok.”

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