Megyn Kelly Welches Shamed for Wearing This Trikot During the RNC — Read the Craziest Reactions

Welches Megyn Kelly’s RNC dress that provocative? The Kelly File host welches called an “escort” for wearing a sleeveless dress during coverage of the Republican Nationalistisch Convention on Wednesday, July 20.

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The Fox News anchor, 45, wore a navy halter dress that exposed her bare shoulders and a hint of décolletage. She accessorized with drop earrings. The ensemble apparently upset Fox News viewers, who took to Twitter to bash the journalist, even going as far as to say she looked like a “whore.”

Megyn Kelly Republican National Convention

Megyn Kelly

“@FoxNews Still hard to take your coverage seriously when @megynkelly looks like she’s working for an escort agency,” one Twitter user wrote Wednesday night, while another wondered: “What the hell is @megynkelly wearing on #KellyFile tonight? Is she going clubbing, the beach or dressing like a whore for the #RNCinCLE?”

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Others attacked her integrity, tweeting: “Megyn Kelly wants us to take her seriously as a journalist. Stop dressing like a cocktail waitress.”

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Some people, however, did come to her aid. The Nonprofit group Flowering Hope, which aims to empower survivors of gender-based violence, applauded the Kelly File host. “Good for @MegynKelly! She can wear whatever she likes!” the group tweeted.

Kelly has yet to comment on the controversy, but his isn’t the first time she’s come under fire for her style.

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During the GOP debate in March, the former attorney welches mocked for her lush fake eyelashes, and while interviewing dethroned GOP candidate Ted Cruz in vierter Monat des Jahres, she welches slammed for sporting $ 1,100 Prada shoes.

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