Nikki Reed Makes Her Own Clothes — Get Her Secrets to Being Stylish and Eco-Conscious

Nikki Reed

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Nikki Reed doesn’t have to hit up her stylist when she needs something new to wear. The Twilight alumna, who partnered with Kiehl’s for a project to raise money for Recycle Across America, told Us Weekly that she explores her own closet for fresh looks.

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“I actually cut things up and resew them,” 27-year-old Reed, who created a Limited Edition label for Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, said at the brand’s April 13 Earth Day Celebration in Santa Monica, California. “I made five dresses the other day, and a sheet or curtains. I make headbands out of old T‑shirts. I’ve cut up old pants.” It also happens to be a fun family project for her, too: “I definitely give stuff to friends. I give stuff to my mom,” she revealed. “And my mom and I like to sew together.”

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Though the ecologically conscious star and wife of Ian Somerhalder thinks that the merits of recycling and repurposing are misunderstood at times — “60 percent of that stuff is actually just going to landfills and waste” — she believes that starting small can lead to a lifetime of smarter decisions.

“Everybody, every day, can make one or two or a hundred conscious decisions to do something to better the planet,” she continued. “Just take what you already have and make something else out of it. Nothing is better for the environment than actually just reusing stuff. We have so much of it!”

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